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I Have Mine...Show Me Yours: A Memoir Grant M Handgis

I Have Mine...Show Me Yours: A Memoir

Grant M Handgis

Published June 6th 2013
ISBN : 9780615830797
294 pages
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 About the Book 

This satirical memoir is based upon real life experiences as they occurred, with all the attendant embarrassments connected therein. Although the story may be real, not all of the characters may be so.. I have taken the liberty of embellishing upon the theme at certain times to accommodate the story, for satirical reasons, yet sadly enough much of the story is all too real. The characters in this memoir are mostly real, however, I have altered their names when it was in their best interest, or merely used their first name, so they know who they are. I have also used real names of certain photographers whom continue their long held friendship with me, or whos photographic work merits use of their real names, which I noted in the story. My story begins when I was nine, dreaming about the environs of a very special tree house, and the unknown magic of shared innocence unfolding behind those hallowed walls. This, was but the beginning of a lifelong search for deeper meanings to things, and how funny that is upon hindsight. There is always an interesting twist to every story of growing up. Some childhoods have a few more twists than others and that tends to make them good fodder for ridicule, or satirical memoirs. The story in this book is mine, and I make no apologies for having fun with it. This story is about starting out clueless in life and the interesting things people will do with you when you let them, or encourage it. Fortunately, being clueless isnt fatal. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to figure it out. The story includes life as a single parent, and Little Mother with the Iron Fist, to party life in Phoenix, riding motorcycles and learning the perfect Marlon Brando dismount. In the spirit of humorous tales, I believe this story will please.